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excellent Vipava wines and delicious local food

Vipava Valley is known after delicious wines and local food. We want for our guests to taste the real Vipava's culinary and that is why we are more than happy to give advice with choosing a local provider.


Vipava Valley is known for both white and red wines. In addition to widespread sorts, some indigenous sorts thrive here, which are very special in their taste. These sorts of wine that we especially recommend are zelen, pinela and vitovska grganja. By tasting them, you will taste the true character of the Vipava Valley.


Besides grapes, other fruits also grow perfectly in the Vipava Valley. Nature here richly endows us first with cherries, then with apricots, peaches, figs, pears, plums, apples, persimmos and kiwi. Vegetables also grow well here. The locals appreciate the gifts of nature and prepare delicious homemade food from them. Vipava Valley cuisine would not be possible without dry meats, especially prosciutto, which goes well with a glass of Vipava wine. For a sweet finish, walnut strudels, called štruklji are perfect.


Most of all, we recommend you having a wine tasting at wineries in Vipava Valley. In cooperation with the best local providers, we are offering our guests organized wine and culinary tours and because we want our guests to be as comfortable as possible, local guides pick you up right at our campsite, so you can enjoy at your tour witout any worries. 

If you prefer having a tasting by yourself, you can also get different sorts of Vipava wines at our campsite and you can enjoy it in your corner of the campsite. We believe that because of such experiences you will love to come back to us.

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