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When local providers come together, you know something good will come up. That is the way how PIZZA CYCLING EVENING was created. Three local teams - Wajdusna, Kamp David and Dietz's Sourdough Bakery got an idea to organize a special, relaxing cycling-pizza event.

PIZZA CYCLING EVENING is perfect getaway from the summer heat. Take in panoramic views of small villages nestled among vineyards on a bike tour through the Vipava Valley. With a knowledgeable local guide from Wajdusna team, ride a total of 20 km on non-traffic roads and enjoy the serenity of this place. Take a few breaks along the way to explore the charming tiny town of Vipavski Križ. A coffee (or non-alcoholic drink), local tales, and legends included. Finish the tour in Kamp David and have an unforgettable pizza evening with Dietz's Sourdough Bakery beneath the shadow of hundred-year-old oaks, on green terraces.

WHEN? On Thursday, 12th of August at 4 pm with Kamp David as starting point.

Approx. time: 2 h
Distance: 20 km


- modern MTB bike (Wajdusna)
- picturesque views
- tips to further explore the area
- coffee stop at Vipavski Križ
- pizza of your choice in Kamp David (Dietz's Sourdough Bakery)


MARGHERITA (Pelati san marzano, mozzarella fior di latte, basil)
KLASIK DELUXE (Pelati san marzano, mozarella fior di latte, cooked prosciutto, mozzarella bufala, fresh oregano)
DR. VEGA 2.0 (Pelati san marzano, vegan mozarella, rucola, dried tomatoes, vegan Parmesan)
BRESAOLA (Pelati san marzano, mozarella fior di latte, rucola, bresaola, pecorino romano)
INFERNO (Pelati san marzano, mozarella fior di latte, nduja (Calabrian hot cream sausage), guanciale (pork cheeks with pepper coating), sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino romano)
MORTABELLA (Mozarella fior di latte, pesto genovese, mortadella, pistachios)

- CYCLING PIZZA EVENING (MTB bike included): 50 €
- CYCLING PIZZA EVENING (with your own bike): 30 €
- only pizza - check pizza prices!

LAST DAY TO SIGN-UP IS 11th of August until 9 am. You can sign-up at the reception of Kamp David or on telephone number +386 51 248 397 (Katja) or +386 41 232 548 (Jani).

See you!

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